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Are you looking for a safe place for your student to receive homework assistance. Join our afterschool students and educators in our Homework Hub Club.

Shuttle Services Available:

  • Largo Metro Station

  • Suitland Metro Station

  • Branch Avenue Metro Station



Are you struggling in school. We are here to assist and offer additional educational support. Join our team of scholars today.

Grades K-12

Fee: $40/hour; packages available

Subject Listing:

  • Reading/ Reading Comprehension

  • English Studies

  • US History

  • Civics

  • Geography


Our math tutoring program has proven results of improvement. Math is essential in excelling in life as well as your career. Do not let math hold you back from success or your dream job.

Grades K-12

Fee: $40/hour; packages available


 One on one and group sessions available.

Current Subject Listing:

  • Common Core Math 

  • Elementary Math

  • Pre Algebra

  • Algebra 1 and 2

  • College Algebra

  • Accounting 1 & 2


Our Test Masters MD program is our test preparation program developed to assist our community in passing core exams to help them succeed. Visit our event calendar for group events.

Fee: $50/hour; packages available.

Current Test Review Programs available:

  • SAT 

  • ACT

  • ASVAB 

  • Praxis (math tests only)

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