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Did You Know?

The 2017 national unemployment rate was 4.1? The unemployment rate in Maryland was 3.8.

In 2016, Maryland reported an 79% failure rate on standardized Algebra testing. This rate increased from a whopping 62% in 2013.


Math is an essential skill that we need in our everyday lives. Seeing statistics like these fuel us to do what we do. We help you build a foundation and sustain success.


The Edufusion Institute team employs industry experts who have a passion for education and the well being of the community we serve.

We serve individuals from ages 8- 60+.


Edufusion Institute offers a variety of services to the community.


Our current programs include:

  -Academic Tutoring

  -Test Preparation

  -Workforce Development Training

  -Workforce Certification Programs

  -Workforce Mentoring

  -Community Events


Community partnerships help us to reach our mission in the community. We believe that we can DO MORE in larger groups. We appreciate our community partners who have assisted us in our overall mission. 

We appreciated the support an look forward to aligning with additional community partners.


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