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To increase community confidence through academic tutoring, job training and community service.


The EduFusion Institute, Inc is a non profit organization that provides our community with fun and innovative education and job training resources.

The EduFusion Institute, Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides math workshops, job training and real life skills that our community needs. We also provide workforce development and small business workshops lead by certified instructors. Visit our "Programs" tab to see our current schedule.

EDUCATION: There is a direct correlation between learning and education. We encourage our enrollees to try new things and approaches to add to the knowledge they have. Education is the one thing NO ONE can take from you.

OPPORTUNITY: Our enrollees have access to specific tools and information to assist them with their growth.

ADVANCEMENT: After you attain certain skills and information, use it to grow. This is a mantra in all of our learning hubs to encourage growth and advancement.

GIVING BACK: Use what you have learned and pay it forward. Help someone that is in need.

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